2013-07-09 021.web

We went to New York

We moved to Austin last year in time for the kids to start school. After ten months we were overdue for a trip back to the Northeast.

2013-07-09 005.web
Austin sky. Tuesday morning exit.
2013-07-09 015.web
Plane view. These days kids get the window, and I get glimpses.
2013-07-09 021.web
There it is. I realize I’ve been longing for this place.
2013-07-09 027.web
On the drive into town from Newark. I love the old industrial vibe.
2013-07-09 023.web
Water towers are always good. Especially with those windows.
2013-07-09 032.web
NYC. The new World Trade Center, old buildings, and someone’s rooftop garden.

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