East Austin Studio Tour Day One

2013-11-16 E.AST. 002.webMy first stop at E.A.S.T. was at Pump Project Satellite Studios #62. There were a bunch of artists and art to love. Also there was impressive woodwork including signage, tangrams, trelliswork and lampshades. Likely also the warmest group of the day.

2013-11-16 E.AST. 009.edit.web Trophyology’s fabulous Eva Shone. German architect makes a home in Austin creating these gorgeous “artisan crafted awards and milestone gifts”. She is #50.2E on the tour.

2013-11-16 E.AST. 013.webThe amazing Blue Genie will host a no-holds barred pinewood derby this Saturday night. “The Danger Derby” is #57.7b situated beside Canopy (#57) which is a massive collection of galleries and studios that you could easily spend an entire day perusing. 2013.11.16.EAST.Chenowith.webOutside chez Chenoweth #89a. One of my favorite things about EAST is to visit homes of local artists. It feels like every surface and color is thought out, touched, lived in and loved. Homey. Romantic. Across the street a boy was selling his own art. He also had on sale for a dollar – popcorn, water (less $ if you had your own cup) or to release a pigeon. I chose to hold the white bird and to release it up to its buddies.

2013-11-16 E.AST. 030.sunset.webI made my way to Tiny Park, #120 and shared a sunset moment with gallery owners Brian and Thao.

2013-11-16 E.AST. 043.webLast stop of the day was #33 Flatbed Press and Gallery Shoal Creek. Another unassuming building that houses so much gorgeous art and space. I had the chance to attend Alfonso Huerta’s printmaking demonstration from a copperplate etching for a packed room. Up front was the multitalented Bob Schneider’s show opening – collages on windows and wood, intricate drawings, and sculpture. It’s certainly thoughtful rock and roll art – edgy with a sense of humor and beauty.

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