“Who are the People in the Neighborhood?”

I started a new project called “Woodstock Townspeople”. I am shooting portraits of locals in the town of Woodstock, New York. It’s my hometown and I moved back with my family at the end of 2014. I see family, friends, and familiar faces all the time. I was curious to know more about the fabric of this place. Who are those familiar faces? Who are the folks running the businesses? Who are the musicians and artists calling this beautiful place “home”? Come meet them with me! Here are the portraits I’ve done to date. The link above will get you to all their stories. Thanks so much for looking. Again, I’ll be putting this blog to rest after my next post. xoJulietWoodstockTownspeople.Jeff.Audrey.webSuki.WoodstockTownspeople-373A1Lynne.RareBear.-165.webNancyKafka-562.LE1.webWoodstockTownspeople.Ned-608C2_web


Springtime in New York

Forsythia-208Spring is a time for new beginnings, and time to move forward with the excitement of it all. I am finished with this blog, for now anyway. I have an exciting new project about to be released. I will do one final post here with that information as well as a link to the new website that showcases my portrait photography.   In the meantime, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for following this blog. It’s been a blast.

A year ago

2014.4.7.Saxon Pub Sign.web2014.4.7.LonelyLand.0250_web2014.4.7.SaxonPub.Bob.web2014.7.Saxon.Exterior.webAustin, Texas:  It was a rainy night in April, just like today in NY. Another beautiful crazy funny musical evening. Generations have enjoyed Bob Schneider and Lonelyland at the Saxon Pub on Monday nights. :-) Shot 4/7/2014

A White Thanksgiving

Going back to New York for Thanksgiving was so nurturing – being with family and friends in the natural beauty of the mountains for the first time in many months. It snowed too, a real treat after two winters in Austin, Texas. There is this great cycle to a snow storm; lots of chatter and excitement that it’s going to happen, preparations and changes in travel plans…and then being there all together as the quiet white settles in.


2015 Thanksgiving Snow Girl

Halloween 2014

Pardon me while I fill in some gaps here as I resurrect the blog over the next couple of days.

New stuff next week!

This past Halloween was very black with bats, vampires, and Darth Vader. Note the Princess Leia Jack-o-Lantern kept with the theme. It was very social and neighborly by our house.20141031-OCT_4130.halloween.web



20140914.avanlava.2483.2_webAvan Lava (“ah-VAHN lah-VAH”) is an engaging, fun band out of NYC. They have been to Austin twice since I’ve lived here –  for SXSW and Stargayzer festivals. I spent a couple of days seeing music with them. Their knowledge and enthusiasm about the other acts made for a great time. p.s. I love photographing people who like each other.